If you are looking for information and motivation on how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, you have come to the right spot! With MUVE, you will find informative tips to help shape lifestyle changes that will improve your everyday life. 

I am determined to show you that whole, nourishing foods along with consistent movement, will transform your body and mind to its happiest and healthiest state.

I have created various recipes to fuel and heal your body. My recipes are all refined sugar-free, gluten-free, mainly grain-free and meatless (although you may add your favourite organic meats to many of my meals.)  My recipes range as I believe there is not one diet that suits everyone.

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Much Love, 

Michelle Wolfe


What does it mean to live the MUVE Life? 

At MUVE, we believe that movement is what keeps us healthy and disease free. When consuming the proper foods, we create a movement inside our cells, tissues, organs and systems that promotes healthy flow of nutrients. Basically, the right foods and movement help our body run smoothly, like a well-oiled machine. When we have stagnation in our bodies from unhealthy, toxic foods or sedentary living, we are creating an environment that fuels the development of ailment and injury.

The MUVE mission is to provide you with the awareness and tools to create a life of movement. We make healthy nutrient packed recipes so your body can use food to move and function at it's best. These foods will also give your muscles and tissues energy to be active and to move happily with ease.