My 7 Day Sugar Detox


I recently completed a seven day detox where I eliminated all natural and refined sugars with the exception of 1-2 servings of fruit a day. After a long summer with too many indulgences, I knew it was time to complete the dreaded sugar detox to get back on track. My body gives me signs when it’s not happy with how I am eating. The signs are feeling lethargic, irritable and itchy. I will find patches of eczema on my skin; I will suffer from a variety of allergies; and I will feel super bloated. These symptoms are a total drag but they are simply a sign that my body is communicating, such as "wake up! It's time to heal your gut." This is when I know a detox is in order along with some extra TLC. It can be challenging to keep myself accountable to a detox. This is why I told my followers and made a YouTube video. Just like a child, I needed a good reason to follow through and not succumb to the dangers of cravings. I couldn’t let you all down!

In order to complete the full 7 days of the sugar detox, I first removed all temptations from my home. I made sure that my boyfriend knew what was up so that he could back off the desserts this week too (he has a sweet tooth like me.) I made lots of delicious meals ahead of time so I could fill up on nutrients, and I prepared meals to go when I was heading out the door to start my day. The first three days I was tired and more irritable then usual. My head felt “full” on day two, like the beginning of a headache. I took it easy and I didn’t push myself too hard with my workouts. On day six and seven my energy level was really high. I crushed through some tough workouts and my mood was so positive. I experienced no itching nor allergies at this time.  

I’m not saying I’ll completely eliminate sugar for life (although that would be super healthy) but I will strive to be consistently mindful of how I consume unnecessary sugar. I’ve cut back on my daily cookie intake to less than 1 cookie per week (which is a big deal because I’m a total cookie monster.) Sadly my typical “healthy” cookies do have lots of sugar so it was time to cut back. I know my long term health will improve greatly from eating less sugar and I’m happy to know that when I put my mind to it, even when it's hard, I have the power to say NO to sugar! 

If you're wanting to try a sugar detox and interested in knowing the food I ate and more information about the process, you can watch my videos below. Grab a friend and give it a try! Your body will love you!