Sunbutter Energy Bites


These energy bites are made with sesame seed butter instead of nut butter.  This makes them a healthy, school appropriate snack that adheres to the nut-free zone rules in place at most schools.  A great recipe for all kids to enjoy!

I've paired the sesame seed butter with a few other items to keep the balls firm enough and to add a little sweetness!  Try it by adding a few of your favourite items: chocolate chips, raisins or seeds are all delicious choices!  Many energy bites include oatmeal, but it is tough for me to digest so I've opted out of using it in mine.  This recipe is grain free and packed with lots of healthy fats that leave me feeling satisfied!

Sunbutter Energy Bites

Makes: 22

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  1. Mix all ingredients together and roll into 22 balls. 


*These also taste great with chocolate chips and various other seeds.
*If your Sunflower butter is too oily, you may need to add extra flax and/or coconut to make the balls dry enough to stay together.   
*Nutritional value is based on 1 ball.



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