Infertility, Food Sensitivity and more valuable information with Dr. Sarah

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Did you know that you can track your cervical mucus and basal body temperature as a form of birth control? I didn’t know anything about this until a few years ago, and I can appreciate how many women may want this information, in order to understand their reproductive body better. I am aware that the word "mucus" isn’t the most attractive word but its purpose and power in reproduction is important to understand. Cervical mucus has actual pathways to carry and protect sperm in order to reach an egg. It is a critical component in order to conceive naturally. If cervical mucus is low, or non existent, the chances of conceiving are slim to none. I talk all about this with Dr. Sarah Oulahen Turner, ND in my latest podcast episode. Dr. Sarah also discusses her personal fertility journey which led to her passion in helping other women learn about their bodies, while helping them understand conception and fertility better. 

In the podcast, Dr. Sarah and I also dive into some of my past struggles with poor digestion, food sensitivities and eczema. My health issues improved tremendously when I took an IgG blood food sensitivity test. This test provided me with a list of foods that I am sensitive to and that put lots of stress on my body and impact my health. Through the knowledge of my food sensitivities, I was able to heal my gut by making informed decisions around which foods I ate. My eczema hasn’t come back in over 4 years and my gut issues only flare up when I consume foods that I am sensitive to everyday, versus rarely. I’ve learned an incredible amount from Dr. Sarah and it excites me to share some of that knowledge. Knowledge is truly power, my friends! 

The IgG test has definitely played a key role in my life to achieving better health. If you're interested in the test you can purchase it through my site at or email me at or you can always take a visit to see Dr. Sarah in North York, Toronto. I highly recommend her and I consider her a very important part of my health team!

You can listen below to our conversation. You can also find it on Stitcher, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.  

Happy learning!

My 7 Day Sugar Detox


I recently completed a seven day detox where I eliminated all natural and refined sugars with the exception of 1-2 servings of fruit a day. After a long summer with too many indulgences, I knew it was time to complete the dreaded sugar detox to get back on track. My body gives me signs when it’s not happy with how I am eating. The signs are feeling lethargic, irritable and itchy. I will find patches of eczema on my skin; I will suffer from a variety of allergies; and I will feel super bloated. These symptoms are a total drag but they are simply a sign that my body is communicating, such as "wake up! It's time to heal your gut." This is when I know a detox is in order along with some extra TLC. It can be challenging to keep myself accountable to a detox. This is why I told my followers and made a YouTube video. Just like a child, I needed a good reason to follow through and not succumb to the dangers of cravings. I couldn’t let you all down!

In order to complete the full 7 days of the sugar detox, I first removed all temptations from my home. I made sure that my boyfriend knew what was up so that he could back off the desserts this week too (he has a sweet tooth like me.) I made lots of delicious meals ahead of time so I could fill up on nutrients, and I prepared meals to go when I was heading out the door to start my day. The first three days I was tired and more irritable then usual. My head felt “full” on day two, like the beginning of a headache. I took it easy and I didn’t push myself too hard with my workouts. On day six and seven my energy level was really high. I crushed through some tough workouts and my mood was so positive. I experienced no itching nor allergies at this time.  

I’m not saying I’ll completely eliminate sugar for life (although that would be super healthy) but I will strive to be consistently mindful of how I consume unnecessary sugar. I’ve cut back on my daily cookie intake to less than 1 cookie per week (which is a big deal because I’m a total cookie monster.) Sadly my typical “healthy” cookies do have lots of sugar so it was time to cut back. I know my long term health will improve greatly from eating less sugar and I’m happy to know that when I put my mind to it, even when it's hard, I have the power to say NO to sugar! 

If you're wanting to try a sugar detox and interested in knowing the food I ate and more information about the process, you can watch my videos below. Grab a friend and give it a try! Your body will love you!