My Birthday Goals


May is my birthday month. Each year I use the month of May to nurture myself and to check-in with my life goals. I remind myself to put energy towards manifesting happiness, listening to my gut and treating myself to little pleasures. I believe these yearly reflections help make me a better human. 

This year, I booked a one on one Pilates class on a reformer for my birthday. One day, I plan to have a personal trainer work with me using a reformer weekly (affording this is another goal I am working toward!) I love how this machine is low impact yet challenging, and it's great for improving flexibility. I also love the idea of having a trainer who knows my body and my goals and works with me to achieve results. Finding a coach in life, business or fitness is a great tactic to stay accountable and focused. In the past, I have used friends and family to coach me or I have used podcasts and books for guidance. We can all find affordable ways to build our team of coaches with little cost if we just look for it and take the opportunity when it arises. 


 In other news, I have set a new goal for this year. Although I am not very flexible now, when I was younger, I could do the splits. Over the years, I haven't kept up with my hip range of motion, and I am no longer able to get flat into the splits. My friend Taylor was a gymnastic queen and she has challenged me to work at it and to get to a full split. I have given myself a year to stretch and practice this position. This photo is my before shot and I’m excited to see what the comparison photo will look like next year. 

As you can see, I like to work away at goals. I find that when I have something to work towards, I can learn so much through the process and I can celebrate once I’ve accomplished it. Little or big, goals help me build the life I desire, and as I mentioned earlier, help me become a better human. 

Happy birthday to me!

Michelle xo

Organizing My Life, My Business And My Health


I will admit that I am not an organized person, although I try hard to be. I keep a clean home and have designated places for every item in my home, and yet my place often looks "well lived in." This also seems to be a theme in my business. Although I am very passionate and motivated to create a successful business, I struggle to keep organized and on top of my goals, which is why becoming more organized is one of my missions for 2019. I understand that having an organized lifestyle and environment helps my mind feel less cluttered and my body feel healthy. I notice that when my home is in shambles, my attention for my business is scattered. If I don’t plan my fitness goals and meals for the week, I make really poor choices. Even though I know better, I will grab whatever is available when I’m tired and hungry after a long day. This is why I’m determined to get organized while keeping my long term goals in mind.

So, where to begin? I’ve recently teamed up with “The Content Planner” which is a boss babes dream planner. I’ve been able to plan my current and future business, meals and life goals. I’m obsessed with the stickers, the well planned themes and the ideas to create goals in advance. If you don’t have a killer planner, you could also use your calendar on your phone or on your fridge.

It's also important to eliminate all of the useless things in my home. This includes the clothes that I haven’t worn in 10 years and the art pieces I "kinda like." It’s time to de-clutter and get organized in all aspects of my life! Who's with me?

Michelle xo

My 2019 Bucket List

Facetune_29-12-2018-21-07-22 2.jpg

As 2018 comes to an end, I’m already looking forward to the new year. Although most of you know I’m pretty positive most of the time, this year has been an extremely challenging one. This year has come with so much unpredictability, sorrow and loss. I’m confident 2019 is going to be better. I’ve heard many times that when we are going through challenging times, it often means we are growing and evolving. I’m confident that 2018 was my year of growth and learning, and 2019 will be my year to use that growth to evolve and shine into the giving goddess I’m destined to be. To help make sure of that, I’m creating a one year bucket list filled with various adventures and goals to keep me on track. I thought I'd share a few of the adventures on my list so perhaps you can also think about building a list to crush throughout the year. I’m already so excited and can’t wait to check off things on this list.

  1. Write and publish my first cookbook

  2. Climb the stairs to the CNTower

  3. Attend the ballet

  4. Purchase my second real-estate property

  5. Start my Podcast (it’s so close and should be out early January)

  6. Try arial yoga

  7. Attend several (all least 3) leadership/learning conferences

  8. Get hired for public speaking (this scares the shit out of me which is why I know I have to do it!)

  9. Start my foundation “Maries Kitchen” which provides healthy food for families dealing with cancer (and other life changing illnesses)

  10. Incorporate meditation and my gratitude journal into my daily routine

Is all this attainable? Absolutely! If my dreams and goals change throughout the year and I have to adapt the list, that’s okay, but for now I’m already excited to get started. As I work through this list, I’m going to add more. What are you excited about this year? Comment below!

Michelle xo

Beating the Winter Blues


It’s November and if you’re living here in Canada, you’re likely preparing for the cold winter days. To some people that may sound like a cozy dream, but for myself and many others who live in this climate, it can feel like a nightmare. 

With reduced hours of sunshine, freezing cold winds and the stress of driving in white outs, you may find yourself with the winter blues. It’s very common and can cause symptoms of depression if not recognized and treated. For my own emotional health (and yours), I’ve come up with a few tips on how to reduce the risk of developing the winter blues and how to even enjoy the winter season. 

  1. Utilize Day Light

    As much as possible, try to find that sunlight. Open your blinds when you wake up, sit by the window as you drink your morning coffee, take a walk in the daylight on your lunch break and try to find pockets of time where you can be in the sunshine.

  2. Sunlamps/glasses

    Sunlamps are meant to have a positive impact on your melatonin levels which is a hormone that controls your wake and sleep cycles. This impact will improve your sleep patterns thereby giving you more energy and mood regulation. A company called the Luminette have kindly sent me some sun glasses that have the beneficial lighting (similar to the sunlamps.) I find them very convenient to use while I’m getting ready in the morning. 

  3. Exercise

    I’m very passionate about movement and I do believe it improves your mood, especially in the winter. Yoga, cycling, dancing, walking, are ways to move your body and release your endorphins (the happy hormones.) Getting outside with the fresh air is likely better but remember it’s also beneficial to exercise indoors or in the dark (perhaps a bit more fun in the bedroom too 😉) 

  4. Vacation

    If your budget and time allows, plan a vacation in a warm destination. If that’s not an option for you, plan a "stay-cation" or a weekend getaway somewhere close. Get creative and plan ahead. Having something fun to look forward to can be just as exciting as the adventure. 

  5. Get outside

    Head outdoors for a walk, preferably in the sunlight, and consider inviting a friend to walk with you on a routine basis. Having a friend come with you can help keep you accountable while carving out time for important social interaction. 

  6. Goals or projects 

    Purge, paint, clean your closet, start a project, have something fun and positive to work on. This will help keep your mind busy, and hopefully the outcome is extra enjoyable once complete. 

  7. Plan an outdoor adventure 
    Snow shoeing, skiing, skating, building a snowman are just a few of the fun adventures that can only be done during the winter months. Embrace the beauty of the season and when it’s way too snowy and windy to get out, cozy up, get comfortable and enjoy a great movie.  

  8. Pay attention to what you're consuming

    Surround yourself with people who are positive and fun, listen to upbeat music and/or podcasts with a good message (stay tuned for my amazing podcast coming out in a couple of weeks!) My sister and I were shopping recently and she was specifically looking for a book that was funny, positive and uplifting because she knew she needed to read this type of content lately. Take note of how you're feeling daily and pay attention to when you need to consume more positive messaging. 

Unless I decide to pick up my life and move to an island down south, it looks like I’m going to have to deal with the cold for another season. I’m looking forward to including these tips in my day and hopefully enjoy the winter months more then I did last year. I hope you're all able to do the same. 

Cheers to the snowy season. May it be bright; may it be fun; may it be very, very short! 

Michelle xo

The Power of Judgement


Judgement. It’s such a powerful feeling that can hold you back from so many wonderful things that you could be accomplishing. Judgement can be felt from your family, friends, strangers and yourself in many ways.

I recently had a dream where I was feeling uncomfortably judged by a friend who has a lot of opinions. The dream felt very real and I woke up feeling angry and frustrated at myself for allowing this judgement on my life to affect me. Mind you, this wasn’t a real life encounter, it was a dream. When I thought about the dream, I realized I was manifesting this reaction due to past situations where I felt judged by this person. I also came to realize that it’s up to me to feel confident about my life, my decisions and my journey.

Being a blogger/influencer, I often have moments where I second guess posting a picture or information with my viewers due to the fear of judgement from people. It’s incredible however, how the posts that I'm most hesitant to share seems to have the most impact on others. Often these posts are the ones that have connected me with more people who, rather than judged me, found common ground and support in what I had to say.

Now I could ramble on and on about examples in my life but moral of the story is that judgement can hold a power so strong that it can stop you from reaching for the stars, living your most authentic life and developing your most personal growth. Always go for your dreams, your desires, your passions. Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and try to live every moment without the trappings of judgement. Live YOUR life, for YOU. Now go get it. 

Love, Michelle