My Birthday Goals


May is my birthday month. Each year I use the month of May to nurture myself and to check-in with my life goals. I remind myself to put energy towards manifesting happiness, listening to my gut and treating myself to little pleasures. I believe these yearly reflections help make me a better human. 

This year, I booked a one on one Pilates class on a reformer for my birthday. One day, I plan to have a personal trainer work with me using a reformer weekly (affording this is another goal I am working toward!) I love how this machine is low impact yet challenging, and it's great for improving flexibility. I also love the idea of having a trainer who knows my body and my goals and works with me to achieve results. Finding a coach in life, business or fitness is a great tactic to stay accountable and focused. In the past, I have used friends and family to coach me or I have used podcasts and books for guidance. We can all find affordable ways to build our team of coaches with little cost if we just look for it and take the opportunity when it arises. 


 In other news, I have set a new goal for this year. Although I am not very flexible now, when I was younger, I could do the splits. Over the years, I haven't kept up with my hip range of motion, and I am no longer able to get flat into the splits. My friend Taylor was a gymnastic queen and she has challenged me to work at it and to get to a full split. I have given myself a year to stretch and practice this position. This photo is my before shot and I’m excited to see what the comparison photo will look like next year. 

As you can see, I like to work away at goals. I find that when I have something to work towards, I can learn so much through the process and I can celebrate once I’ve accomplished it. Little or big, goals help me build the life I desire, and as I mentioned earlier, help me become a better human. 

Happy birthday to me!

Michelle xo