Infertility, Food Sensitivity and more valuable information with Dr. Sarah

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Did you know that you can track your cervical mucus and basal body temperature as a form of birth control? I didn’t know anything about this until a few years ago, and I can appreciate how many women may want this information, in order to understand their reproductive body better. I am aware that the word "mucus" isn’t the most attractive word but its purpose and power in reproduction is important to understand. Cervical mucus has actual pathways to carry and protect sperm in order to reach an egg. It is a critical component in order to conceive naturally. If cervical mucus is low, or non existent, the chances of conceiving are slim to none. I talk all about this with Dr. Sarah Oulahen Turner, ND in my latest podcast episode. Dr. Sarah also discusses her personal fertility journey which led to her passion in helping other women learn about their bodies, while helping them understand conception and fertility better. 

In the podcast, Dr. Sarah and I also dive into some of my past struggles with poor digestion, food sensitivities and eczema. My health issues improved tremendously when I took an IgG blood food sensitivity test. This test provided me with a list of foods that I am sensitive to and that put lots of stress on my body and impact my health. Through the knowledge of my food sensitivities, I was able to heal my gut by making informed decisions around which foods I ate. My eczema hasn’t come back in over 4 years and my gut issues only flare up when I consume foods that I am sensitive to everyday, versus rarely. I’ve learned an incredible amount from Dr. Sarah and it excites me to share some of that knowledge. Knowledge is truly power, my friends! 

The IgG test has definitely played a key role in my life to achieving better health. If you're interested in the test you can purchase it through my site at or email me at or you can always take a visit to see Dr. Sarah in North York, Toronto. I highly recommend her and I consider her a very important part of my health team!

You can listen below to our conversation. You can also find it on Stitcher, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.  

Happy learning!