Kale Asparagus Salad

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This salad was made on a whim with some left overs of cooked veggies combined with some yummy raw veggies. In the summer time I like to include a bit of both raw and cooked veggies and changing it up often to keep me excited about each meal. I find dressings can make or break a salad and I'm pretty happy with the creation I made here for this salad.  With some almond butter and a punch of lemon, it's a unique combination that I'm hoping you'll enjoy as much as I do. 

Asparagus Kale Almond Salad

Serves: 1

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  • kale
  • cooked asparagus 
  • shallots
  • cooked & diced sweet potato
  • endive
  • curly parsley
  • hemp hearts
  • hard boiled (soft boiled) egg 
Almond Dressing


  1. Dice and chop all vegetables as you desire and add to a large bowl. 
  2. Mix the dressing together in a blender and drizzle on top of the salad.  This is a thicker dressing, if you prefer a more liquid dressing add more avocado oil. 
  3. Optional to add an egg on top.


I usually give you all the exact amounts for the vegetables however I've left this open and encourage you to add the amounts you feel fit for how hungry you may be. 
If your making this salad for more then one, be sure to multiply the dressing ingredients.
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