Energy Date Balls (Nut-Free)


These amazing date balls are one of the easiest raw snacks to make yet they look like you've put a lot of effort into making. They're naturally sweet and so simple. The recipe is nut free and there are several different options to add to the recipe. I have kept it simple with including some healthy fats and a couple options to change up the flavours. 

These balls travel well which are great for a snack on the run or to include in the kid's lunches. The balls are filled with a lot of natural sugars, so you will want to be cautious of how many your eating so your not getting to much of a sugar kick. I enjoy taking mine with me on hikes and physical adventures where I can easily burn off the sugars and also enjoy the satisfying taste. This is also a fun recipe to let your little ones help make because they can get their hands right in there and it doesn't take long.  

Energy Date Balls (Nut-Free)

Makes: 12 balls

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  1. Soak the dates in water for 10 minutes.  (Not much longer or they will soak up to much water).
  2. Drain the water and chop the dates into little pieces. Then using your hands squish the dates together.
  3. Add hemp seeds and continue to mix together.
  4. Roll into 12 balls.
  5. Roll the balls in the coconut till the outside is covered.  
  6. The balls will set well over night but they can be eaten as soon as they are made.  Enjoy! 


* Nutritional value per 1 ball
* Try rolling the balls in cacao, matcha or your favourite protein powder to change up the recipe. 
* Option to add any dried fruit or nuts and seeds 
* I often make a double batch if I have others who will be enjoying them with me



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