Moving Forward

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You may have noticed my absence from social media lately. Perhaps if you're from my hometown, you know of the tragedy my family has been through. It’s never easy to lose a loved one, yet it can feel extra devastating when it’s a child. After spending many valuable days with my family, it seemed strange to jump right back into my normal routine: work, friends, working out, posting on social media (mostly Instagram.) It’s been important to focus on taking each day slowly and mindfully while taking time to heal and support one another. 

I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast that is focused on moving forward after the experience of tragedy. I am excited to use the podcast as a tool to share the stories of amazing people who have created a life, a business, a perspective - something incredible - after dealing with a life altering event. It’s the typical super hero story when someone uses their struggle to become a powerful healer and protector of others. Super heros are among us at all times, but they are not always recognizable (particularly without the spandex and masks!) 

Life is truly unpredictable and can be very painful. Although this won't change, we can try to use our life experiences in positive ways. Stay tuned for my podcast, and if you know any incredible individuals who have turned tragedy into some form of success, send them my way. I’d love to interview them and share their stories with others who may need encouragement and inspiration during times of struggle. Sending big hugs and lots of love to all people who may be struggling right now. I wish you peace and comfort and the awareness of your capability to move mountains.

Michelle Wolfe