BBQ Seasoning


One secret I would like to share is not to be afraid of cooking with spices and herbs.  They're the natural flavours that will compliment and create your masterpieces.  

I also enjoy producing my own creations of spices and rubs.  This BBQ seasoning is so great with my roasted chickpeas and my roasted pecans. They can also be used on your favourite roasted vegetables. Keep in mind this recipe does have coconut sugar in it. If your goal is limiting your sugars as much as possible; I would suggest eliminating it from this recipe. Personally I keep both with and without in my cupboard.

I would recommend using good quality spices to make the mix.  I've tried using cheaper spices in the past but find it changes the taste significantly and not in a positive way.  You can see the spices I use by clicking the names in blue.

BBQ Seasoning

Makes: roughly 1/2 cup

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  1. Mix all the ingredients together and store in an air tight container or jar.  Use as needed. 
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